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Applications Engineer



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Job Description

  • Reviews customers’ technical needs and assists in developing specific product/service solutions to meet these needs.
  • Estimates project costs and consults with the sales force on routine technical matters, ensuring that proposed solutions can be integrated with current systems and equipment.
  • Works with people from various departments to resolve problems that arise during and after implementation of a new product.
  • Perform sales presentations to prospective customers.
  • Conduct user training and reseller Onboarding.
  • Facilitates all resellers accounts including uploads and special exception orders.  Will directly interface with resellers customer representatives.  Will assist and back up Order Entry as needed.
  • Will assist job shop production with rescaling, stilting, negatives & setters.
  • Use SolidWorks or equivalent to generate or modify 3D models.
  • Upon review, make corrections to marked-up drawings.
  • Assist in reverse-engineering efforts by taking measurements and generating accurate engineering models and drawings.
  • Follow all established file management, version control, and ECN procedures.
  • Job will require trouble shooting on production floor as necessary to meet customer and company expectations.
  • Complete work assignments accurately and in a timely manner.
  • Identify problems, roadblocks, or defects and resolve or implement solutions.
  • Manage time, effort, and commitment in an efficient manner, including informing Manager when unable to meet demands.


Physical Requirements:

Walk, stand, stoop and reach regularly and sit for extended periods of time. Ability to maneuver within heavy machinery and manufacturing environment. Manual dexterity and mobility to perform drafting work and computer operation for extended periods of time. Clear speech suitable for interpersonal as well as telephone communications. Visual acuity to perform all duties as described, plus accurate color and depth perception essential. Physical and mental capability to handle multiple task and deadline requirements, interpersonal and informational conflicts and pressure of responsibility for workplace output.

Additional Information

Job Title:

Applications Engineer

Educational Requirements:

Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, Material Science or equivalent.

Career Level:


Years of Experience:


Other Requirements:

Superior written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills appropriate for interface with all levels of management and customers. Knowledge of various 3-D CAD systems, Solid Works preferred, and capability with MS Office software. Mathematics skill and ability commensurate with engineering applications and problem solving. Excellent ability with complex engineering drawings, layouts, prints, schematics and process charts.

Employment type:

Full Time

Job Specialisation:



AM Technology (Hardware / Process)