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Job Description

Reporting to – General Manager



The Robotics Engineer will work with a team of outstanding and passionate executives and staff with responsibility for the ongoing prosperity of the Wire Additive Manufacturing, robotics, welding and its international forays.



The position’s key roles & duties include:

•    Overall operation of 3D printing Robotic equipment and activities, manufacturing, prototyping and planning of projects.

•    Continued development of robotic welding procedures for all materials, continued optimization of weld procedures and capabilities. Assisting to feed this into WAMSoft & 3D build path software.

•    Operations of manufactured of parts: Assist in creating build files, layouts and modify CAD models to reflect the part geometries and path planning. General operation of the robotic systems during manufacturing, problem solving and operational tasks during the process builds.

•    Development and improvement of operational procedures including technical, safety and quality system documents.

•    Scope planning and implementation of any new opportunities and techniques, materials testing and prototype work for customers.

•    Become familiar with and be able to run WAM equipment and other associated equipment in support of Operation Technicians and assigned manufacturing tasks

•    Development of integrated robotic systems for operational capabilities. Development of associated operational procedures including quality system documents and safety systems.

•    Installation, commission and problem solving of ARCEMY production cells.

•    Assist with development of robotic WAM integrated machining and machine learning.

•    Assistance to the software engineer for robotic welding procedures related to 3D build path software improvements.

•    Identify opportunities where WAM process could be advantageous to the company’s IP and 3D printing manufacturing capabilities. Developing new robotic strategies and capabilities.

•    Assist in undertaking development of any related Software, Hardware, Manufacturing Equipment and other needs of the company.

•    Establish Design Guides to ensure lessons learned and best practices are documented.

•    Oversee operations and planning of the 3D robotic equipment for prototyping, testing and manufactured parts.

•    Assisting with development of any related Software, Hardware, Manufacturing Equipment and other needs of the company.

•    Overseeing and managing key personnel, workshop activities including training plans, development of the company’s technical capability to enhance production. This will include off-site facilities and may include travel.

•    Assist in maintaining and developing training for the operations and WAM processes for local and international sites.

•    For manufacturing of parts: Oversee creation of build planning and files, layouts, improving cost estimation models and studies, modify CAD models to reflect WAM standard work.

•    Improve/update Design Guides to ensure lessons learned and best practices are documented.


**The Person

The successful candidate will possess the following:

•    Experience in Industry 4.0 Technologies, Disruptive Technologies, Robotic Welding and/or Wire Additive Manufacturing.

•    Strong people management and advanced engineering skills.

•    Strong welding experience or equivalent robotics welding and manufacturing automation.

•    Background in industries including robotics, advanced manufacturing, engineering and PLC programming.

•    Tertiary qualifications in either Mechatronics, Process Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Robotics Engineering, Metallurgy or other related discipline.

•    Experience in industries including aerospace, defense, marine, energy and chemicals is preferred.

•    A manufacturing skillset including product workflow, operations, quality, HSE, 5S, sales support and business acumen is essential.

•    Being a self-starter and highly motivated with the ability to report on all aspects of business, program and process management.


As well as the above attributes, the successful candidate will have excellent communication skills and a proven track record in managing a division of a larger business.


Current: ST Electronics at AMK

Later: in the WEST once the factory is ready

Additional Information

Job Title:

Robotics Engineer

Educational Requirements:

Diploma or Higher

Career Level:

Intermediate or Experienced

Minimum Salary:


Years of Experience:


Other Requirements:

Robotics Welding experiences will be a plus.

Employment type:

Full Time

Company overview:

AML TECHNOLOGIES (ASIA) PTE. LTD. is a wholly owned subsidy of AML3D (trading as AML3D Ltd), a high growth technology-based Australian company with a focus on welding, robotics, metallurgy and software which uses WAM (wire arc additive manufacturing) processes to produce metal components and structures for commercial use. AML3D was founded in South Australia in 2014 by Andrew Sales, a specialist in welding technology who has a double Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Science with over 27 years’ global experience in the oil & gas resources, and mining sectors. It combines a deep understanding of state-of-the-art welding science, robotics technology, metallurgy and CAD software design to produce an automated 3D printing system operating in a freeform environment. This enables fast and efficient manufacture of components and structures, which are more cost-effective and have increased strength compared to traditional casting, forging or fabrication. Building on the company’s unique expertise, achievements and continued relationships with Universities and scientific organisations (CSIRO), AML3D Limited is in the process of upgrading their contract manufacturing service bureau headquartered in Adelaide and is planning to establish an operating presence in Singapore close to its commercial major customers. It still remains the only metals diversified large-scale WAM® production facility in the Southern Hemisphere and is capable of producing finished parts and components to a certified standard under an accredited Quality Management System. Over the next two years, the Company plans to diversify its services and products into a CAD Design service to optimise design efficiency for customers, extend its market reach by building on the multiple trials undertaken to date including trials for overseas customers and to design and manufacture mobile 3D WAM® printers.

Job Specialisation: